Stormwater Rates

Stormwater rate per equivalent residential unit (ERU)—Effective July 1, 2019

Rate per month – $5.90 per ERU Rate per month – $4.75 per ERU

Stormwater Fee FAQs

All properties within the City of Fort Wayne pay a monthly fee to the Stormwater Utility.

The stormwater fee paid by City Utilities’ customers is used to support and maintain the hundreds of miles of storm sewers and other structures used to control stormwater runoff and prevent unnecessary flooding and erosion. The fee also ensures proper treatment of stormwater, thus improving overall water quality as required by federal environmental regulations that govern stormwater. One might not think of stormwater as “dirty,” but the federal government is tightening its rules on how clean stormwater has to be in order for it to be discharged to a river. In metropolitan areas, stormwater may contain oil, grease and other chemical contaminants. The stormwater fee is the primary means of support for keeping the stormwater system up to date and working.

All properties within the Fort Wayne city limits that have impervious surface such as concrete, asphalt, stone, building rooftops, etc. are charged a stormwater fee. This includes residential properties and non-residential customers – for example, commercial, industrial and institutional properties, churches, schools, businesses and government buildings.

You don’t have to have storm sewers in order to contribute to the stormwater Fort Wayne is required to manage. To some degree, every property with “impervious” surface area contributes to the stormwater runoff that Fort Wayne has to manage. An impervious surface is one, such as concrete, stone or asphalt, which prevents water from soaking into the ground. Even if water stands on your property for a while, it drains into Fort Wayne’s stormwater system once it disappears. Water from your property may drain onto other nearby properties, then into storm sewers and ditches.

In order for the water to drain off your property and get to the pond, it probably goes through street inlets and storm sewer pipes. Those inlets and pipes are maintained by the Fort Wayne Stormwater Utility. If the water drains out of the pond into a storm sewer or a ditch, those facilities are maintained by the Fort Wayne Stormwater Utility. The fee that you pay to the Stormwater Utility helps to fund the operation and maintenance of those structures. Also, the City of Fort Wayne must comply with federal regulations on stormwater quality. A portion of the fee that you pay every month goes to pay the cost of regulatory compliance.