Remove Lead Lines from Your Rental Properties

Landlords: Save money and make your properties safer.

Picture of three older homes

Homes built before 1937 are likely to have lead service lines.

Replacing lead service lines is essential to the health of your tenants. So we’ve developed special pricing for your rental properties.

  1. $500 off for tenant income less than $45,000 under affordable/subsidized housing.
  2. $1,300 reduction for each property after the first replacement that is in the targeted project areas, including Census Tract 9, Census Tract 16, and Census Tract 17.
  3. $1,000 savings for properties outside of our project areas.

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Some older homes in our community may have a lead or galvanized service line, which can elevate the lead level in a home’s drinking water.

As a property owner, you are responsible for the small pipe from the curb box to your home. Based on the age of your home there is a good chance that your private pipe is made of lead. We want to help you replace it with safer materials.