Rolling Hills Drainage Improvements


Kyle Alger

Design Manager

Project Overview

City Utilities plans to correct the drainage issues in the Rolling Hills neighborhood, specifically around West Hills Road and Rolling Hills Road. This project aims to install a new storm pipe, new beehive castings and inlets to alleviate road flooding as well as increasing the storm sewer pipe near the neighborhood to combat minor road flooding. Grass restoration is also planned around the newly installed storm sewer structures.

Numerous resident complaints have been made regarding yards being flooded and storm water pooling into neighborhood streets. The current storm pipe is need of an upgrade to control storm water in the area.

Road ponding: Unwanted pooling of water occurs when storm drains and inlets don’t work correctly. It can cause erosion on roadways and unsafe conditions for drivers and other pedestrians.

Swales: A shallow channel designed to store and/or convey storm water