Event Speakers

Fort Wayne City Utilities is committed to providing our customers and the residents of the region with information about a variety of topics. Staff members from City Utilities are available to speak to groups about these topics, a complete list is below. The City also provides pre-written articles that are available for use in neighborhood or company newsletters or other publications.

To request a speaker for your organization, please contact Fort Wayne’s Citizen Services call center by dialing 311 or 260-427-8311.


Speaker and Department

Type of Presentation

Fort Wayne City Utilities’ Strategic Plan for Excellence Justin Brugger, Controller & Chief Financial Officer PowerPoint
Fort Wayne’s Combined Sewer Overflow Management Plan

  • Projects to be done
  • Time frame
  • Costs to the community
Matthew Wirtz, PE, Deputy Director of Engineering

Kristen Buell, PE

Executive Summary
Tabletop display
How Will Fort Wayne Pay to Improve Its Aging Sewer System?

  • Cost
  • Affordability study
  • Alternative funding sources
Matthew Wirtz, PE, Deputy Director for Engineering

Justin Brugger, Controller & Chief Financial Officer

Executive Summary
How Fort Wayne’s Sewer Systems Work

  • Combined Sewers
  • Where are the Combined Sewer Overflows?
  • How are CSO controlled
Joe Johnson, Superintendent of Water Pollution Control Maintenance

Kristen Buell, PE

Fort Wayne’s Sewer Repair and Rehab Program

  • Sewer televising
  • How priorities are set for sewer repair
Eric Steinman PowerPoint
Energy Conservation: Using Food Waste to Create Electricity and Heat Doug Fasick, CEM
City Utilities’ Sustainability Programs Doug Fasick, CEM
Septic Tank Elimination

  • How your neighborhood can obtain public sewer service
DeWayne Nodine, Manager of Development Services

Lisa Ramos, Development Services

Growing the Utility System

  • Who pays for new utility infrastructure
  • How much it costs
  • Plan review process
DeWayne Nodine Manager of Development Services
Connecting to City Utilities

  • How to obtain water and sewer services
  • Costs to connect
  • Connection process
DeWayne Nodine, Manager of Development Services
Storm Water Quality

  • Pollution prevention
  • Watershed protection
  • What citizens can do to protect river water quality
Anne Marie Smrchek, PE, Manager of Sewer and Stormwater Engineering PowerPoint
Tabletop display
Easements: What They Are and What They Mean to You Seth Weinglass, Utility Engineering PowerPoint
Stormwater Quantity Management/Drainage

  • How the storm sewer system works
Anne Marie Smrchek, PE, Manager of Sewer & Stormwater Engineering

Kristen Buell, PE

Oral presentation with time for discussion
Storm Drain Marking

  • Why and how to
  • How your neighborhood can get involved in water quality protection
Susan Reas, Stormwater Maintenance and MS4 Coordinator PowerPoint
Safety video
Storm drain marking material
Fat Free Sewers

  • Impacts of cooking waste on the sewer system, cost of maintenance and how citizens can reduce costly accumulation of fat in sewers
Joe Johnson, Superintendent of Sewer & Stormwater Maintenance

Brenda Stopher, Industrial Pretreatment Section

Tabletop display
Kitchen grease handling tools
Mercury Reduction at Home and in the Workplace

  • How to identify and reduce possible sources of mercury contamination in your home
Tom Mann, Industrial Pretreatment Program Manager PowerPoint
Fact Sheets
Tabletop display
Camp Scott Wetlands

  • Location
  • Benefits of wetlands
  • What it helps to protect
Susan Reas, Camp Scott Manager PowerPoint
Fact Sheets
Classroom activities
Tours available
Fort Wayne’s Rain Garden Program

  • Program overview
Anne Marie Smrchek, PE, Manager of Sewer & Stormwater Engineering PowerPoint
Tabletop display
Rain Garden How-To Training
(3 hours workshop)
Workshop Facilitator and City staff PowerPoint
How-To Manual, worksheets
Maintenance Brochure
Sewage Treatment Plant for Elementary School

  • Learn how Fort Wayne treats the waste water from homes and businesses
Brian Robinson, Water Pollution Control Plant Superintendent PowerPoint
Water Filtration Plant

  • How the Plant functions and water quality
Mike Gierscher, Lead Chief Operator of the Filtration Plant PowerPoint
Tabletop display
Tours available
Fort Wayne’s Water System

  • How it functions
  • Infrastructure projects
Andrew Schipper, PE, Manager of Water Engineering PowerPoint
Keeping the Drinking Water System Safe: Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Miranda Braun
Utility Ownership and Management

  • Who “owns” City Utilities?
Justin Brugger, Controller & Chief Financial Officer
311 Citizens Services

  • Services 311 provides to citizens
  • Work request process
Eric Harris, Manager of 311 – Citizen Services
City Utilities Customer Support

  • Bill payment options
  • Bill payment assistance
  • Preventing frozen pipes
  • Protecting your pipes
Matt Land, Deputy Director of Policy & Planning

Abigail Welch, City Utilities Customer Support