Event Speakers

Fort Wayne City Utilities is committed to providing our customers and the residents of the region with information about a variety of topics. Staff members from City Utilities are available to speak to groups about these topics. Here is a complete list of available Speakers and Topics. The City also provides pre-written articles that are available for use in neighborhood or company newsletters or other publications.

To request a speaker for your organization, please contact Fort Wayne’s Citizen Services call center by dialing 311 or 260-427-8311.


Speaker and Department

Type of Presentation

Fort Wayne City Utilities’ Strategic Plan for Excellence Justin Brugger, Controller & Chief Financial Officer PowerPoint
Fort Wayne’s Combined Sewer Overflow Management Plan

  • Projects to be done
  • Time frame
  • Costs to the community
Matthew Wirtz, PE, Deputy Director for Engineering

Wendy Reust, PE

Kristen Buell, PE

Executive Summary
Tabletop display
How Will Fort Wayne Pay to Improve Its Aging Sewer System?

  • Cost
  • Affordability study
  • Alternative funding sources
Matthew Wirtz, PE, Deputy Director for Engineering

Justin Brugger, Controller & Chief Financial Officer

Executive Summary
How Fort Wayne’s Sewer Systems Work

  • Combined Sewers
  • Where are the Combined Sewer Overflows?
  • How are CSO controlled
Joe Johnson, Superintendent of Water Pollution Control Maintenance

Wendy Reust, PE, Utility Engineering

Kristen Buell, PE

Fort Wayne’s Sewer Repair and Rehab Program

  • Sewer televising
  • How priorities are set for sewer repair
Eric Steinman PowerPoint
Energy Conservation: Using Food Waste to Create Electricity and Heat Doug Fasick, CEM
City Utilities’ Sustainability Programs Doug Fasick, CEM
Septic Tank Elimination

  • How your neighborhood can obtain public sewer service
DeWayne Nodine, Manager of Development Services

Lisa Ramos, Development Services

Growing the Utility System

  • Who pays for new utility infrastructure
  • How much it costs
  • Plan review process
DeWayne Nodine Manager of Development Services
Connecting to City Utilities

  • How to obtain water and sewer services
  • Costs to connect
  • Connection process
DeWayne Nodine, Manager of Development Services
Storm Water Quality

  • Pollution prevention
  • Watershed protection
  • What citizens can do to protect river water quality
Anne Marie Smrchek, PE, Manager of Sewer and Stormwater Engineering PowerPoint
Tabletop display
Easements: What They Are and What They Mean to You Seth Weinglass, Utility Engineering PowerPoint
Stormwater Quantity Management/Drainage

  • How the storm sewer system works
Anne Marie Smrchek, PE, Manager of Sewer & Stormwater Engineering

Kristen Buell, PE

Oral presentation with time for discussion
Storm Drain Marking

  • Why and how to
  • How your neighborhood can get involved in water quality protection
Susan Beck, Stormwater Maintenance and MS4 Coordinator PowerPoint
Safety video
Storm drain marking material
Fat Free Sewers

  • Impacts of cooking waste on the sewer system, cost of maintenance and how citizens can reduce costly accumulation of fat in sewers
Joe Johnson, Superintendent of Sewer & Stormwater Maintenance

Brenda Stopher, Industrial Pretreatment Section

Tabletop display
Kitchen grease handling tools
Mercury Reduction at Home and in the Workplace

  • How to identify and reduce possible sources of mercury contamination in your home
Tom Mann, Industrial Pretreatment Program Manager PowerPoint
Fact Sheets
Tabletop display
Camp Scott Wetlands

  • Location
  • Benefits of wetlands
  • What it helps to protect
Susan Reas, Camp Scott Manager PowerPoint
Fact Sheets
Classroom activities
Tours available
Fort Wayne’s Rain Garden Program

  • Program overview
Anne Marie Smrchek, PE, Manager of Sewer & Stormwater Engineering PowerPoint
Tabletop display
Rain Garden How-To Training
(3 hours workshop)
Workshop Facilitator and City staff PowerPoint
How-To Manual, worksheets
Maintenance Brochure
Sewage Treatment Plant for Elementary School

  • Learn how Fort Wayne treats the waste water from homes and businesses
Brian Robinson, Water Pollution Control Plant Superintendent PowerPoint
Water Filtration Plant

  • How the Plant functions and water quality
Mike Gierscher, Lead Chief Operator of the Filtration Plant PowerPoint
Tabletop display
Tours available
Fort Wayne’s Water System

  • How it functions
  • Infrastructure projects
Andrew Schipper, PE, Manager of Water Engineering PowerPoint
Keeping the Drinking Water System Safe: Backflow Prevention and Cross Connection Control Miranda Braun
Utility Ownership and Management

  • Who “owns” City Utilities?
Justin Brugger, Controller & Chief Financial Officer
311 Citizens Services

  • Services 311 provides to citizens
  • Work request process
Eric Harris, Manager of 311 – Citizen Services
City Utilities Customer Support

  • Bill payment options
  • Bill payment assistance
  • Preventing frozen pipes
  • Protecting your pipes
Matt Land, Deputy Director of Policy & Planning

Abigail Welch, City Utilities Customer Support