Woodhurst Sewer and Stormwater Relief

Page last updated May 1, 2024

As residents in the neighborhood know, there have been sewer back-ups and street flooding throughout the years. This project aims to combat flooding and combined sewage overflow (CSO) in the Woodhurst area, in addition to the surrounding neighborhoods.


Crews are working on installing storm and sanitary structures  north of the synagogue along Old Mill Road. Residents should expect construction on Old Mill Road by mid-June of this year.

Storm and sanitary pipes are currently being stored on the west edge of Old Mill Rd.

As of May 1, 2024,  there are no street closures or lane restrictions.



What will the project entail?

The 48” sanitary sewer pipe installation will convey CSO from the St. Mary’s River to the new weather pump station which will then pump flows to the 3RPORT (tunnel) system.

The 60” stormwater sewer pipe installation will convey storm flows to the new stormwater pump station to protect the surrounding residential and institutional areas from stormwater flooding and high river events. The installation of a new pump station will eliminate the constant need for temporary pumping during flooding events.

This project will keep more than 15 million gallons of combined sewage out of the St. Mary’s River each year once it is completed.

What are CSOs?

In a combined sewer system, wastewater and stormwater flow through the same pipes. The combination of both flows can overwhelm the combined sewage system causing an outfall into nearby waterbodies. These outfalls are called CSOs.

CSOs are a major pollution and public health concern since they can contain bacteria and other toxic substances. They pose a danger to people, pets, and plants.

City Utilities, in compliance with the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, has implemented a combined sewer outflow (CSO) Long Term Control Plan to reduce the volume of combined sewage that is discharged into the waterways within the City of Fort Wayne.

Satelite image showing project area and where new infrastructure will be built.