Rain Garden Incentive Program

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City Utilities has developed a program to help you build and maintain a rain garden at home. The incentive consists of a direct cash payment that may be used to offset any expenses related to the planning, planting, and maintenance of the rain garden. Incentives can only be given to properties that are located inside the Fort Wayne City limits and only one incentive is provided per property regardless of the number of rain gardens that may be located on that property.

The cash incentive offered by City Utilities will be paid at a rate of $2.00 per square foot of rain garden installed up to $250. The cash payment will not exceed $250.00. Property owners seeking the incentive must file a W-9 IRS form with City Utilities. The cash payment will be mailed to the property owner after all of the qualifying activities below have been completed.


To be eligible for the incentive program, residential property owners must complete the application PDF below. Completed applications should be sent via email to catchingrain@cityoffortwayne.org.