Green Design Standards

The Green Design Standards Manual is a guidance document intended to supplement the City’s stormwater design standards as outlined in the primary Design Standards Manual. It includes additional guidance for implementing green and sustainable design practices. The goal of this document is to introduce Low Impact Development (LID) techniques, as well as to provide sufficient information (description and applicability, advantages, disadvantages, technical guidance, and cost) on each practice. It helps demonstrate the strategies needed to integrate innovative and highly effective LID stormwater management techniques into stormwater design.

These standards will apply to stormwater management projects designed by and for the City and also to private development and redevelopment projects. The Green Design Standards are referenced in Book 1 GR2.08 Other Resources of the Design Standards Manual. All requirements in Book 2: Stormwater shall be met, however, this document functions as a supplement or an additional resource to SW 11 Stormwater Management.

All files below are in .pdf format:

Other Resources

Rain Garden Program

As part of the City’s efforts to improve the quality of our three rivers and the streams that feed them, City Utilities encourages homeowners, businesses and institutions to build rain gardens. City Utilities has set up a program called Catching Rain┬áto assist in these efforts.

Mitigation Plant Selector

City Utilities has created a Mitigation Plant Selector to help select plants that follow DNR mitigation requirements for Allen County.

Green Certification Courses

The Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association offers courses to certify contractors in porous/pervious concrete construction.


A Stormwater Program FAQs is available to assist in understanding any unfamiliar terms.