Drinking Water

Who Manages Drinking Water?

City Utilities has responsibility for operating, maintaining, and improving an extensive system of pipes, hydrants, and treatment processes all aimed at providing safe and reliable drinking water to and from buildings and homes, while also ensuring that water is available during emergency situations like fires or droughts.

What Comprises the Water Distribution System?

The water distribution system consists of water main pipes leaving the filtration plant. This includes over 1,400 miles of water main, 15,000 valves, 11,500 fire hydrants, the services from the main to the curb, and the service valves that control individual properties. Anything beyond this service valve, usually located in the right of way or close to the property line (with the exception of the water meter itself and its connection) is the responsibility of the owner.

How is Drinking Water Treatment and Management Paid For?

The services of the drinking water utility are paid for by a monthly fee billed to water utility customers. More information on drinking water rates can be found on the rates page.

How Are Drinking Water Utility Funds Spent?

The water utility has an annual budget of approximately $35 million per year. This money is spent on:

Water Testing
Water Sample