Design Standards Manual

The Design Standards Manual is a guide for the planning, design, and construction of stormwater and sanitary sewer collection systems, water distribution systems and facilities, and associated activities for City Utilities. Guidelines, basic design criteria, standards, and mapping are presented in the Standards.

Book 1: General Requirements
Outlines City Utilities general policies for coordination, approval procedures, preparation of drawings and accompanying documents, and basic criteria associated with stormwater, sanitary sewer, and potable water improvement projects.

Book 2: Stormwater
Outlines stormwater standards and policies for the design of stormwater facilities.

Book 3: Sanitary
Outlines standards and policies for the design of sanitary sewers and sanitary lift stations.

Book 4: Water
Outlines standards and policies for the design of potable water distribution systems.

Book 5: Materials
Outlines approved construction materials used on stormwater, sanitary, or water projects.

Book 6: CADD Standards
Outlines drawing requirements and details for use on stormwater, sanitary sewer and water projects.

The final version of the Design Standards Manual is being completed and will soon be posted in its entirety. The chapters that are currently posted have been revised and the final, approved versions are found below.

To make comments or ask questions about the Design Standards Manual or other City Utilities’ design documents, or to request notification when changes are made in City Utilities design document, please send an email to City Utilities Engineering at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is a list of changes that have been made to the Design Standards Manual since it was published. This list is current as of September 13, 2017.

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Table of Contents

General Requirements


Sanitary Sewer



CADD Standards

General Requirements

General Requirements Table of Contents

GR1 Acronyms and Definitions

GR2 Introduction

GR3 Variances

GR4 Contracts, Fees and Permits

GR5 Project Coordination

GR6 Surveying

GR7 Easements

GR8 Subsurface Investigations

GR9 Energy Efficient Light Standards

GR10 Final Record Drawings

GR11 Life Cycle Cost Analysis


Stormwater Table of Contents

SW1 Acronyms and Definitions

SW2 Introduction

SW3 Drawings and Submittals

SW4 Special Discharges

SW5 Hydrology

SW6 Storm Sewers

SW7 Inlets

SW8 Culverts

SW9 Open Channels

SW10 Crossings

SW11 Stormwater Management

SW12 Erosion Control

Sanitary Sewer

SA1 Acronyms and Definitions

SA2 Introduction

SA3 Special Discharges

SA4 Drawings and Submittals

SA5 Sewer Design

SA6 Building Sewer and Appurtenance Design

SA7 Manhole Design

SA8 Lift Station and Force Main Design

Exhibit SA8-1 – Lift Station Details

SA9 Low Pressure Sewer System


W1 Acronyms and Definitions

W2 Introduction

W3 Special Requirements

W4 Drawings and Submittals

W5 Water Main Design

W6 Building Services

W7 Appurtenances

W8 Backflow Prevention

W9 Fire Services


Materials Table of Contents

MA1 Acronyms and Definitions

MA2 Introduction

MA3 Certification of Material

MA4 Common Material Requirements

MA5 Storm Materials

MA6 Sanitary Sewer Materials

MA7 Water Materials

CADD Standards

CADD1 Acronyms and Definitions

CADD2 Introduction

CADD3 Submittals

CADD4 Organization

CADD5 Drafting Conventions

CADD6 Layers

CADD7 Symbols

CADD8 Standard Drawings and Details

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