Stormwater Program

Who We Are

The City of Fort Wayne is involved in a program designed to clean urban stormwater runoff and protect our creeks, rivers and other bodies of water. Our goals for this program on stormwater are:

  • Educate and inform the public about urban runoff.
  • Encourage public participation in community and clean-up events.
  • Work with industries and businesses to encourage pollution prevention.
  • Require construction activities to reduce erosion and pollution.
  • Require developing projects to include pollution controls that will continue to operate after construction is complete.

We work with our own internal departments and divisions to ensure that our construction projects are designed to reduce pollution, and that all of our facilities practice good housekeeping and pollution prevention. In addition, we cooperate with four local universities to protect stormwater quality. They are:




How Is Our Program Funded?

Property owners within the City of Fort Wayne pay a monthly fee for the stormwater program. The stormwater utility charge appears on the monthly bill from Fort Wayne City Utilities. Non-residential properties are charged based on the amount of impervious surface (such as rooftop, sidewalk, driveway and parking lot) on their property. Residential and non-residential stormwater rates are available the rates page.

Why Are We Concerned About Urban Runoff?

Before the Fort Wayne area was developed, most rainfall fell onto natural areas and the water soaked into the ground. Over the last century, we’ve changed the landscape dramatically by adding roads and buildings. Stormwater that once soaked into the ground now flows quickly into street gutters and drains. It is then carried in pipes to our creeks and rivers without treatment. Everyday activities also add water: activities such as car washing, lawn watering, and cleaning buildings and streets. Along the way, the fast-moving urban runoff picks up pollutants such as pesticides, fertilizers, eroded soil, and oil and grease from cars. These pollutants make their way into our creeks and rivers where they pollute the water and harm the ecosystem of both plants and animals. Eventually, this affects all of us, since we eat the fish and use the rivers for recreation. Most of us in the Fort Wayne area also drink treated river water.

How Can You Help?

There are plenty of ways for Fort Wayne area residents, students, community groups and businesses to get involved in pollution prevention efforts. We need volunteers to help us get the word out. Take the first step by practicing pollution prevention in your own home, then join us in the many activities and events sponsored throughout your community.

Ways You Can Help