Requesting a Flow Test

As part of the design of an extension of Fort Wayne’s water distribution system, flow tests from the existing system are sometimes required. City Utilities’ goal is to provide you with the accurate and timely data you need to complete design calculations and other planning for new developments, fire system expansions and improvements, and other projects.

How Flow Test Data Requests Work

Flow testing is handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of Fort Wayne City Utilities. When you request flow test data, City Utilities will provide you with existing flow test data if data exists. City Utilities will conduct a new test under the following circumstances:

  1. You are proposing a new development or new improvement, and
  2. No flow test exists in your area of interest, or
  3. A flow test result exists at your location of interest but does not meet a required criteria.

When requesting flow test data, please keep the following in mind:

  • The requested location for the flow test should be provided to City Utilities in the form of a street name and address. If a specific address has not yet been assigned, please provide the block number (for example: 5400 block of E. Capital Blvd.)
  • Please allow three (3) business days to receive a response to your data request.
  • If current (10 years old or less) data does not exist, City Utilities will schedule a flow test. A new flow test may take up to two (2) weeks to complete depending on the location, other activities or conditions within the water distribution system, and the availability of City Utilities personnel.
  • Flow tests are NOT performed when outdoor temperatures are at or below freezing (32ยบ F), which commonly occurs in the months of December through February.

Request Flow Test Data

To receive the Hydrant flow test data for a test performed in the past or to request a new Hydrant Flow Test for design calculations or other purposes, please use the form below to make the request. The form may be copied and mailed, faxed, or emailed to City Utilities using the contact information provided on the form. For data from a previous test, include the “Fire Flow Test ID” in the Target Address field of the Request Form.

Request for Flow Test Data

Historical Flow Test Data

To see Hydrant Flow data from past tests, visit our GIS City Interactive Map at


Zoom in to the area of interest. Select “Layers” on the left to turn on the “Fire Hydrant Flow Testing” and “Water-Facilities” layers. You may need to zoom in closer to have the water system appear (the more zoomed in the more detail-values, hydrants, annotation, etc.). Click a water line or colored dot to get information via the pop-up tool tips. Click the small arrow on the top-right to flip through the different GIS features (water main, hydrant, Fire Hydrant Flow Testing) until you see the Fire Hydrant Flow Testing Data.