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City Utilities and MyWater

City Utilities is excited to announce MyWater, our latest program, which will soon include a new MyWater online customer portal and a city-wide meter replacement for all customers. MyWater is foundational to offering these new services.

MyWater is a resource to help you better understand and manage your water use. You can access all your water information as soon as it becomes available, see how your use compares to similar sized homes in your neighborhood and get access to customized recommendations on how you can save water and money.

Program Benefits include:

Improved customer service and satisfaction

With new tools, City Utilities can provide faster response times and more information to answer common questions.

Customer empowerment and cost control

Customers can effectively manage their usage and receive push notifications including leak and high bill alerts by utilizing the new MyWater customer portal.

Proactive customer notifications

Customer service representatives can more readily notify customers and troubleshoot problems such as high bills due to leaks, breaks and other common issues.

No cost to customers

These new tools and benefits are available to City Utilities customers at no additional cost.

New Water Meter

Our meters are reaching the end of their useful-life. Fortunately, we’ve been planning for this for a long time and the meter replacements will be at no additional cost to customers. We’ve selected the latest leading-edge technology to exceed customer expectations for the long-term. Our new meters will wirelessly deliver usage information and alerts. As a result, City staff will no longer need to drive to customer premises for meter reading, leak detection and other routine activities. The MyWater meter replacements are expected to be completed within the next couple of years. Please see the “Meter Replacement Process” section below for further information.

If you have received notification in the mail that your meter is up for replacement, please use the button below to schedule your meter change appointment. If you have not yet received your notification, you will be unable to schedule your meter change appointment.

City Utilities, MyWater, Tribus

The meter replacement process will take approximately 30-minutes under normal conditions and may cause a brief interruption in service.

To ensure a smooth replacement process, we need our customers to:

  • Schedule an appointment with Tribus Services, our certified contractor, for the meter replacement as soon as you receive notice.
  • Clear the area surrounding the meter so installers have easy access.
  • Ensure that someone 18 years or older is present during the meter replacement.

All customers will receive a letter from City Utilities prior to installers working in their area. We will also mail a reminder post card and leave door tag as a final notice for customers to schedule an installation appointment.

Meter installers from Tribus Services will be dressed in uniform and have identifiable signage on their vehicles. If you have any further questions about the meter replacement call Tribus Services directly at (833) 945-2522.

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Information FAQs

What makes the new meter different from the previous meter?

Both meters measure and deliver water usage information wirelessly. However, the old meter required us to drive by it to download the water usage. The new meter uploads the water usage directly to the utility. This eliminates the need for utility staff to drive out to homes or businesses to collect customer water usage.

When can I expect my meter to be replaced?

Meter replacements are expected to begin in Fall 2021. The program is scheduled to take a few years to be completed. Customers will receive notice to schedule appointments when installers are working in their area.

What are the program benefits?

All customers will receive a meter replacement at no additional cost, with the added benefits of:

Improved customer service/satisfaction
Faster response times, more informed customer service, averted high water bills and leaks/breaks, improved public messaging and higher perception of staying current with technological improvements will improve customer service/satisfaction.

Customer empowerment/cost control
Customers can now effectively manage their usage and receive push notifications including leak and high bill alerts by utilizing the new MyWater customer portal.

Proactive customer notifications
Using interval consumption data and on-demand readings, customer service representatives can more readily notify customers and troubleshoot problems.

Will I have access to my usage and billing information

Yes, City Utilities will finalize the MyWater customer portal by Winter 2021. This new tool include features which can help customers monitor high bills, provide daily usage information in addition to leaks and other important water service notifications.

Installation FAQs

Do I need to make an appointment for the meter replacement?

Yes, customers are required to schedule a meter replacement appointment once we notify you that installers are in the area. You must contact Tribus Services, our installation contractor, online at utilities.cityoffortwayne.org/mywater or by calling (833) 945-2522 to schedule an appointment. Once the appointment is set, remember someone 18 years or older must present during the meter replacement and the area surrounding your meter must accessible to installers.

Will I receive advanced notice of the meter replacement?

You’ll receive a letter and post card in the mail as well as a door hanger reminding you to schedule your meter replacement appointment. Be sure to schedule your appointment as soon as possible to avoid penalties.

Who will install these new meters? How can I identify them?

Our contractor, Tribus Services, will be handling the meter replacements. They will be identifiable by their vehicle, uniform and identification badge that includes the Tribus Services logo. See below for an example vehicle.

Picture of Tribus Services vehicle with logos.

During which hours will the meters be installed?

Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

How long does it take to replace the meter?

The meter replacement typically takes 30 minutes.

Why are installers taking photos of the meters?

All installers are required to take a few photos to assist with record keeping purposes.

What happens if I am not responsive in scheduling an appointment?

If an appointment is not scheduled and the meter replacement is not completed, you will be subject to disconnection and fees.

Will the installation of the new meter disrupt my water service?

You may experience a brief interruption of service during the replacement for approximately 30 minutes. After the meter replacement, please run the bathtub or an outdoor spigot for a minute to remove any air that has accumulated in the line.

Other Common Questions

Will my utility account information remain private?

Yes, we will continue to use encryption and other cyber security measures to keep account and personal information confidential. No personally identifiable information is collected or communicated. Only usage information will be sent to City Utilities with this replacement.

Will City Utilities still need to access the meter?

Yes, we still need access to the new water meter, which is property of City Utilities. However, since meter reading and troubleshooting can be done remotely in most instances, we do not expect to need access to the meter as often.

Will City Utilities charge an added cost for the MyWater?

No, these beneficial new technologies are being offered to customers at no additional cost.

Is the new meter safe?

Yes, the meters we selected exceeded health and safety standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Where can I find more information on MyWater rules and regulations?