Build Your Business In Fort Wayne

Businesses move to Fort Wayne and expand here in part because of the high quality water and available capacity in the water and sewer systems.

With competitive rates among the lowest in the Midwest, City Utilities offers affordable, reliable, and high-quality utility services that support economic growth in the community. In fact, Forbes magazine recognizes Fort Wayne as the city having the ninth lowest cost of doing business in the U.S.

That explains why companies are moving to Fort Wayne or expanding operations here—Franklin Electric, General Mills (warehouse/distribution), Walmart (milk packaging, distribution), GM (expansion), Sweetwater (expansion), Ash Brokerage (world headquarters expansion).

Water is a precious and valuable resource, as communities around the country face water supply shortages. Located where the St. Joseph and St. Marys Rivers join and form the Maumee River, Fort Wayne has an abundant water supply.

“Fort Wayne Metals is a proud customer of Fort Wayne City Utilities. We utilize over 500,000 gallons of water each month in the production of wire used in life-saving medical devices. As we near 50 years of manufacturing medical wire, we continue to count on the quality, pressure, and reliability of City Utilities.”

Scott Glaze
President, Fort Wayne Metals

Recognizing Your Needs

Your business needs a reliable supply of water with consistent quality and pressure. You also need services at an affordable price you won’t find anywhere else in the region. Fort Wayne City Utilities delivers water that works for your business.

Protecting Your Investment

Our high-pressure water support is essential to fire flow capability and supports our excellent Fort Wayne Fire Department, even during peak demand periods. That’s why Fort Wayne was given a high rating of a Class 2 Public Protection Certification (PPC) by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). Fort Wayne’s rating ranks in the top 12 of the nearly 1,600 fire districts in Indiana and is one of only 1,100 out of 47,000 fire districts nationwide to receive a a Class 2 or better.

Tap Into Experts/Experience/Talent

City Utilities is the largest municipally owned water/wastewater utility in Indiana, but that’s never been enough for us. Operating as a business—just as you do—we understand the need to be effective, efficient, and strategic.

Fort Wayne City Utilities Quick Facts

  • Our 350 employees provide services to over 315,000 customers
  • More than $1 billion in assets
  • Affordable utility services that support economic growth in the community
Water we can produce each day: 72 million gallons, Average daily use: 34 million gallons
Wastewater we can treat each day: 100 million gallons, average daily treatment: 34 million gallons

“When we roll up to a fire, we count on having adequate water flow and pressure to do our job of saving lives and protecting property. Because City Utilities is able to consistently provide plenty of water where and when it’s needed, our community has been able to maintain our high ranking in the state for fire protection services.”

Eric Lahey
Fire Chief, FWFD

Tap into High Quality Water

Consistently described by our customers as “superior,” Fort Wayne’s water is pre-softened to a consistent hardness and delivered at a reliable pressure and flow.

Tap into Waste Solutions

Our Water Pollution Control Plant offers a cost-effective solution for companies needing to dispose of their waste by-product, by either sending it down the pipe or having it hauled by truck. We partner with manufacturers to accept their waste and get it treated and even used to generate methane power at the treatment plant.

Investments in our sewer system have nearly double capacity in the past eight years. Use-based billing rewards conservation efforts and keeps your costs affordable and predictable.

Tap into Partnership that Works

Need a quick turnaround? Our new projects team offers confidential expertise and is empowered to make decisions that meet your company needs. A unique set-up can bring our team together from engineering, development, water, sewer, stormwater, permitting, regulations, building and construction areas to efficiently provide information and solutions for your endeavor.

Site Development, Design & Construction

City Utilities’ Development Services Department is your “one stop” for information related to site selection, availability and location of utility systems, design, submittal and construction requirements, permitting and inspections. For more information or to arrange a Pre-Submittal Meeting, please contact Development Services by calling 260-427-5064.

If you are developing or redeveloping property you will find information about development standards and construction requirements at the Design and Construction Resource Center. Maps of the public water, sewer and stormwater management systems may be found within the interactive GIS mapping resource.

Payment in Person or Online for Tap Permit, Inspection and Testing Fees, Project Fees

Payments online through the Accela Citizens Access portal or may be made in person in Development Services during regular City business hours, Monday through Friday. 

Check, credit card or debit cards are accepted.  Non-refundable service fees apply.

Payment by Phone for Tap Permit, Inspection and Testing Fees, Project Fees

To pay by phone using an electronic check or credit or debit card, please call Development Services at 260-427-1161 during regular City business hours, Monday through Friday.  Non-refundable service fees apply.

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