Water Maintenance & Service

Water Maintenance & Service is responsible for maintenance of the drinking water distribution system.

The water distribution system consists of water main pipes leaving the filtration pant. This includes over 890 miles of water main, 6,000 valves and 8,000 fire hydrants, the services from the main to the curb and the service valves that control individual properties. Anything beyond this service valve, usually located in the right of way or close to the property line (with the exception of the water meter itself and its connection) is the responsibility of the owner.

Possible Causes of Rusty Water in City Water Main

  • Water main breaks
  • Fire fighting
  • Construction

Possible Causes of Rusty Water in Customer Premises

  • Bad plumbing (galvanized)
  • Bad water heater

Troubleshoot Rusty Water or Low Pressure