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Drop Shafts Moving Into Final Stages

Drop shafts 2,6 and 7 are moving into their final stages.  Week of Dec-11

At drop shaft #2  below (Waldron Circle) the vortex was installed this week. Below is a wide shot showing the space it will be lowered into and here is a video link of the lower from 12-10-20. https://youtu.be/1u0sbNtOm2w

removing ers system
vortex delivered

At drop shaft #6 below (Camp Allen) crews working to restore.  Photo on right shows progress at drop shaft #5 (Thieme Drive) where workers continue installing support beams.

Week of Dec-11

drop shaft access ladder

At drop shaft #7 below (Guldlin Park) crews removed dewatering pumps, compacted sand and tested the compaction.  Photo on the right shows drop shaft #3 (Brown Street/Hale Avenue) where crewxcavation continues around the drop shaft.

Week of Dec-11

compacting sand
kokosing continues