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MamaJo has passed drop shaft 3

MamaJo has passed drop shaft 3 (Brown Street) and is just north of the Hale Avenue bridge today.  This week saw 8-inches of snow which caused some delays on above ground operations – but work is continuing.

Progress continues the consolidation sewer under the St. Marys, near the Harrison Street Bridge. In the photos below, you can see that crews are working inside the steel beams at a depth that is under the current river level. That’s why the coffer dams are needed.  Week of Jan 31-Feb 5, 2021

Photo below on the left shows drop shaft 5 (Thieme Drive) where crews were finishing concrete for the drop shaft base slab. On the right crews work on the walls of drop shaft 3 (Brown Street). Week of Jan 31-Feb 5, 2021