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City Celebrates Completion of Phase 2 of Hessen Cassel Enhancements

December 6, 2021 – This afternoon, neighborhood residents from schools, City Council representatives, and staff members from City Utilities and Public Works joined Deputy Mayor Karl Bandemer to celebrate the completion of the Hessen Cassel Road Phase 2 stormwater and sidewalk improvement.

Phase 2 is the largest part of the multi-phase project that will improve drainage for 13 neighborhoods, 2,300 homes, and 70 businesses, and connect them with sidewalks where they did not exist before on the Hessen Cassel corridor.

“After years of planning, we are pleased to see progress with this nearly $7 million investment, not only to address standing water and drainage issues but to partner with Public Works to add sidewalks,” said Anne Marie Smrcheck – Engineering Manager for Sewer and Stormwater. “It’s been a challenge to deal with the altered traffic patterns during construction. And, we appreciate the cooperation and support of the residents, the school district, and businesses during the project.”

The Phase 2 project is extensive, stretching from Stardale Drive to Oxford Street with 3.5 miles of ditches, bioswales and stormwater pipe and 2.7 miles of sidewalks on both sides of Hessen Cassel. This represents a $3.87 million investment.

Phase 1 of the project was completed in January and represented an investment of $2.1 million.  The first phase was from just south of Tillman Road to Stardale and had similar improvements on both sides of Hessen Cassel.

A third project phase, a wetland in the Colonial Heritage neighborhood, is under construction and scheduled for completion next year.

The combined phases will benefit the neighborhoods of Branning Hills, Casselwood Terrace, Eastland Gardens, Hickory Grove, Trier Ridge Park, Continental Park, Rolling Rose, Village Wood Community, Congress-McKinnie, Village Green, Colonial Heritage, Hoevelwood and Greater McMillen Park.

The Hessen Cassel projects are part of City Utilities’ commitment to invest $40 million in neighborhood stormwater projects between 2017-2022.