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City Council Approves Funding for Water Main Replacement Work; Plan Now Goes to State for Review 6/26/2018

What’s more inconvenient than having your water go off when you are getting ready for work or preparing dinner? When water mains break, City Utilities may be forced to shut your water off for several hours to make the repair. What if you were a restaurant and your water was shut off on Valentines Day, or you ran a hospital and you had to postpone surgeries because of a main break. Replacing water mains that have been identified as likely to fail can help avoid the costs and inconveniences associated with main breaks.

On June 26, 2018, the Fort Wayne City Council approved adjustments in Water Utility rates and charges to help fund more investment in the water main replacement program. Now the water rate proposal will be filed with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. The Commission will review the rate proposal and will seek public input. City Utilities is proposing to increase the amount of water main replacement work done each year by investing more money in the main replacement program. Learn more…