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2-Year Journey Complete!

The little over a 2-year journey for MamaJo is complete! She reached her destination at Foster Park. In our offices at City Utilities, we’ve followed her journey by coloring in her locations through the project, and this week – we were able to color the last connection.

tunnel map
tunnel map

The photos below show the June 30, 2021 celebration of MamaJo reaching her Foster Park destination. Behind Mayor Henry are neighborhood leaders and members of the citizens’ group – the Utility Advisory Group.

mayor henry

MamaJo’s completion has some impressive stats:

  • Journey of 24,519 feet (nearly 5 miles) of the tunnel dug
  • 14 million tons (28 billion pounds) of material mined
  • 4,878 concrete rings; each consists of six segments

Meanwhile, at drop shaft #5 (Thieme Drive), crews spent the week compacting and backfilling the nearly four-story structure built under the street.  Photo from June 29, 2021.

compacting backfill