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Consolidation Sewers

Consolidation sewers, near-surface sewer pipes that collect or consolidate the flow from existing sewer pipes and delivers the flow to the drop shaft, are wrapping up on a couple of large projects that have closed streets. Rudisill and Broadway opened to traffic last week with crews continuing restoration work through next week. On Superior Street, crews were paving this week and weather permitting the road stripes and lane dividers should be painted, and the road restored by the end of next week. At drop shaft #12 (East Central Park) crews were busy pouring concrete.


Consolidation sewer on Superior is aimed at keeping nearly 5 million gallons of sewage from the St. Marys River near Promenade and Headwater Park. Crews use fill-stone pulled from the deep rock tunnel on the project, which placed the 48-inch pipe under Superior Street. Crews worked on scorching hot days and in the rain. Paving began the week of (9/8/20).

consolidation sewer
consolidation sewer
sewer consolidation

Concrete work continues at Drop Shaft #12 located at East Central Park, near the Maumee River.

pouring concrete