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MamaJo Full Steam Ahead

MamaJo is approaching Main Street this week. It was full steam ahead for work in the tunnel and at construction sites around the city. Here are update photos from the week.

Rock being pulled from the tunnel looks to be piling up — but it’s being used on project around the community.  The work on Superior Street has already used more than 2100 cubic yards of the rock.

rock pile from tunnel

In these photos for drop shaft six (Camp Allen Drive) you see continued construction of the drop shaft and where the pipe will connect to take combined sewage into the shaft and down to the tunnel.

dropshaft structure
poured concrete mamajo

The first photo below shows the liner at drop shaft 7 (Guldlin Park). The second shows the large excavaction where drop shaft 12 (East Central Park) will be built.  The photo shows the work mat that will soon be filled with reinforced steel and the forms needed for construction.

hardman starting ring beam
mamajo dropshaft 12