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Heading Into a Big Year

We are heading into a big year – 2021!  MamaJo is scheduled to complete her nearly 5-mile journey. This week work continued at drop shaft location sand in the tunnel.

Photos below (left) drop shaft 2 (Waldron Circle) where they are pouring of concrete, and (right) forms being hoisted to go down drop shaft 1 (Foster Park).  Week of December 28-31, 2020.

first load of concrete
flying in forms

Photos below l-r show drop shaft 3 (Brown Street) where excavation is continuing, drop shaft 5 (Thieme Drive) where they are vacuuming and clearing out water to place the casing for the pump and inside view of the concrete structure at drop shaft 7 ( Guldlin Park).

continuing to excavate
vacuuming to place casing
inside structure