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MamaJo Continues Her Journey

MamaJo continues her journey and is approaching the one-mile left to go mark. Along the route – work is on-going for our drop shafts and consolidation sewers that will connect neighborhood flow to the shafts and the tunnel.

This week’s photos show the Third Street Consolidation sewer which will take flow from neighborhoods north of the St. Marys.  The portion of the pipe under the river has wrapped up and piles were removed.The pipe still has about 3 blocks to go — heading north toward third street.   The last photo shows tire track markings heading up to Third Street.  The last part of the pipe (about three blocks long)will be constructed under the route where the tire tracks are.  Week of February 22, 2021.

overhead crane
overlooking Harrison
removing dirt
Piles almost gone
consolidation sewer path