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MamaJo Under Swinney Park

MamaJo has completed 61% of her journey and is under Swinney Park today.  She’s still making the turn to head south toward Foster Park.

Photo on left at drop shaft #2 (Waldron Circle) is more than 80% complete and photo on right shows work this week at drop shaft #3 (Brown Street) at about 75% complete (week of Nov 14-20)

leveling wall
progress picture

Below shows this week’s excavaction at drop shaft #5 on the right (Thieme Drive) and #7 (Guldlin Park)  on the left (week of Nov 14-20)

lids progress

Photos from Drop Shaft #6 (Camp Allen Drive) show the progress using both poured and precast concrete (week of Nov 14-20)

precast lid
concrete lid