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Massive Scale Projects Part of Tunnel Works

Sometimes we think about MamaJo and the deep-rock tunnel and don’t realize the massive scale of projects, simultaneously being constructed as part of our Tunnel Works program. Drop shafts abound throughout the City at East Central, Headwaters and Guldlin Park, and neighborhood projects on Camp Allen, Thieme, Brown Street, Waldon Circle and the retrieval shaft at Foster Park. These are the pipes that will drop flow down to the tunnel. We also have major consolidation sewers under construction. Pipes under construction on Third Street, Superior, and at the Rudisll/Boradway intersection will take flow to the drop shafts. Below are 10 new photos from the various locations visible above aground.


Dropshaft 2 on Waldron Circle shows existing pipe and the work that being done that will connect flow to the tunnel.

grading sewer tunnel
excavating tunnel bottom

Dropshaft 3 on Brown street shows new pipe that will take flow to the dropshaft.

concrete pipe installation

Dropshaft 6 on Camp Allen reminds us of the vast amount of jobs the tunnel project is supporting. When all said and done – more than 4,000 workers will be involved.  Here carpenters and iron workers assist with support structures.  The second photo shows a concrete pipe installation.

carpenters and iron workers working
concrete pipe installation

Dropshaft 7 near Guldlin Park  — driving sheeting. In the second photo you can see it when it’s into the ground.

mamajo placing sheeting
mama jo sheeting

The road at Rudisill/Broadway is being restored – this photo shows the consolidation sewer work that will intercept multiple pipes and take the flow to the dropshaft at Foster Park

rudisill consolidation sewer project

Work on Superior Street shows the consolidation sewer that will connect to the dropshaft at Headwaters Park.

superior street consolidation

On the northside of the river crews are busy with the Third Street pump station consolidation sewer.  They will soon be going under the river to connect to the dropshaft at Headwaters Park.

third street pump station