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Fort Wayne’s Water Recognized as Great-Tasting!

Fort Wayne’s drinking water has been named “Best Tasting” in the northeast quadrant of Indiana by water utility experts from the Alliance of Indiana Rural Water. Water samples were judged in three categories — clarity, odor and taste. Fort Wayne’s water now advances to a state-wide competition that will select “The Best Tasting Water in Indiana.” The winner of the State competition will go on to a national contest — “The Great American Water Taste Test.” In selecting Fort Wayne’s water as best tasking in the regional judges said they picked it because it tasted “pure, clean and refreshing.” City Utilities Director Kumar Menon says the award recognizes the hard work and dedication of City Utilities’ employees: “Being honored is always a good thing for Fort Wayne, whether it’s for being one of the best run cities, a great place to raise or family, or a great place to grow and locate a business. Being recognized for having the best tasting water in northeast Indiana goes to prove we have an outstanding group of hardworking people who take great pride in providing high quality, great tasting water delivered with reliability.” Read more about Fort Wayne’s drinking water quality….