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MamaJo Hit Three-Mile Mark

MamaJo hit the three-mile mark on Thursday, December 3, 2020.  She’s just crossed under Jefferson Blvd. and is heading south.

mamajo three miles

Photos below show drop shaft 5 on left (Thieme Drive) and progress with casing from dewatering pipe cut flush to excavation. On the right we see worker welding the whaler. Week of Nov 3-Dec 4

casing from dewatering pump
hardman welding waler

Photos below show drop shaft 7 (Guldlin Park) where the forms are being removed. Week of Nov 3-Dec 4

crane removing epco form
efco forms removed

Photo below shows that crews have moved to a different location on construction of the Third Street Pump Station Consolidation Sewer.  Crews are pumping out water from inside the cofferdam so they can get to work on the next phase. Week of Nov 3-Dec 4

third street pump station