Miscellaneous Sewer Details

This library contains documents generated and maintained by Fort Wayne City Utilities.

Revised Date
dwf_reduced SAN-1 Building Sewer Connection Layout Sept 6, 2013
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-1-1 Building Sewer Standard For Crossing Street Mar 27, 2015
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-2 Building Adaptor and Cleanout July 6, 2023
pdf-15 dwf_reduced SAN-3
Standard Sanitary Cleanout
Oct 28, 2015
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-4
Shallow Service Connection
Feb 28, 2018
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-4-1
Low Pressure Building Sewer – Service Connection Detail
July 12, 2023
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-4-2 Low Pressure Building Sewer – Tracing Wire Detail July 12, 2023
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-5
Deep Service Connection
Jan 19, 2017
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-6
Cut-in Wye Method
Mar 25, 2024
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-7
Saddle Connection
Mar 22, 2024
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN- 8
Sewer Distance From Well
Oct 30, 2015
pdf-15 dwf_reduced SAN-9-1
Low Pressure Forcemain Cleanout Terminal
Aug 26, 2016
pdf-15 dwf_reduced SAN-9-2
Low Pressure Force Main Cleanout Inline
Aug 26, 2016
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-9-3
Grinder Pump Station And Low Pressure Building Sewer Layout Detail
July 11, 2023
pdf-15 dwf reduced SAN-11 Building Sewer Lowering May 22, 2015